2018 AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale

SPADE RANCHES, LTD. Wesley Welch 4412 74 TH STREET, SUITE A101, LUBBOCK, TX 79424 806-687-6005 • SPADERANCHES.COM The Spade Ranch legacy began more than 120 years ago, in 1889, when DeKalb, Illinois, natives Colonel Isaac Ellwood and his son, W.L. Ellwood, made a simple business trip toWest Texas. In 1874 Ellwood became one of the original patent holders of barbed wire when he and his neighbor developed an economical way to keep livestock out of the area’s many farms. The invention quickly changed the Midwest farmland, but the Ellwoods saw a burgeoning market in the vast expanses of the West Texas plains. Among the ranchers the Ellwoods met were the Snyder brothers. The brothers must have been shrewd businessmen themselves because not only did they resist Ellwood’s sales pitch, they convinced himto buy their 130,000-acre ranch. By the 1960’s the Spade Ranches began a planned crossbreeding program in the cow-calf operation that continues today-although adjusting with changing market demand. Today, the ranches use composite bulls (Simnn/Angus and Balancer) crossing the heifers from one mating to the other composite. This maintains a high level of heterosis while producing a uniform calf crop, a stable breed composition and eliminating the need to buy replacement heifers from other sources. Today’s horse breeding program crosses the daughters of their own son of Peptoboonsmal with their son of High Brow Cat and vice versa. The objective is to use unrelated bloodlines to produce functional ranch horses with lots of cow sense and bottom. The Spade Ranches today consist of six outfits: the original Renderbrook Spade in Mitchell, Sterling and Coke counties; Borden Spade in Borden County; Wagon Creek Spade in Throcknnorton County; North Spade in Briscoe and Motley counties; Panhandle Spade in Roberts County and Alpine Spade in Brewster and Presidio counties, totaling about 300,000 acres. Wesley Welch is the President and C.E.O. of Spade Ranches and the board of directors include five great-great grandchildren of Isaac Ellwood along with outside directors. LOTS 101-106 4