2018 AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale

Pick of the Remuda Before the decision is made to purchase, everyone makes a choice. Some people will devote considerable effort to research, value received and market study, while others buy on impulse. No matter how you arrive at your decision, the “AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale” makes the process easier. Each award-winning ranch has selected horses that represent their unique breeding program. You decide. Yearlings From an investment standpoint, your purchase will include pedigree, conformation and the largest potential for overall increased value. Ranches are able to offer better bred yearlings at auction due to the reduced cost to bring a horse to this market point. Yearlings have been halter broke, loaded and have experienced their first trip away from home. They are now ready to begin their education in the functional part of their lives. The development skills you employ to advance their training will return later as they are broke and trained in the many disciplines of the Quarter Horse. Two & Three Year Olds The combination of many patient hours spent breaking and laying the foundation for a great performance horse, is packaged in this product. These ranches are offering you a chance to purchase a horse that has a lot of the “guess work” removed. Their value has increased as you can now see how they handle and perform the basic tasks required of them. This is the point where a buyer can take advantage of the time and labor that the ranches have invested to lay the groundwork and begin to sharpen the horse in more specific areas of performance. Riding Horses Few will have a chance to really enjoy what is offered here. Each day we all wish to own and ride a top using horse. This is it — the culmination of years of hard work and hard knocks. Each of these horses has a unique story from their early start to their educational experiences that make them so valued. Broodmares & Stallions Any ranch that the AQHA has selected to receive this prestigious award has based their breeding program on a strong mare foundation complemented by stallions which improve the breeding traits they strive to produce. These broodmares and stallions carry the bloodlines that have made these ranches so successful. Here is a chance to reach into these herds and tap into hundreds of years of genetics that have developed the great American Quarter Horse. As you make your choice, remember the opportunity that is being offered is unmatched. From the potential value of the yearling to the inherent worth of the breeding stock from these programs, buy and enjoy a dream we all share. WHY BUY FROM THIS SALE? All of the Consignors to the AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale are Ranching Heritage Breeders! 3 AQHA RANCHING HERITAGE BREEDERS & RANCHING HERITAGE CHALLENGE PROGRAMS The American Quarter Horse Association is committed to the promotion of the ranch horse. There are programs to help ranchers to market their ranch- bred American Quarter Horses and opportunities for ranch-bred horses to be showcased in competition. Ranching Heritage Breeders Program Ranching Heritage Breeders are AQHA member- owned ranches and individuals who represent longevity, honesty and integrity in raising quality American Quarter Horses and uphold ranching heritage traditions. Ranching Heritage Breeders must breed and register at least five American Quarter Horse foals each year and must maintain a remuda of horses used to operate a working cattle operation. The ranch also must have received an AQHA 10-year breeder award to be eligible for the program. The horses that come from Ranching Heritage Breeders uphold the tradition and heritage of the working cattle ranch and when horses are purchased from a Ranching Heritage Breeder, that great tradition continues. Zoetis Ranching Heritage Challenge An exclusive opportunity for Ranching Heritage bred-horses, the Zoetis Ranching Heritage Challenge is a way to showcase ranch-bred American Quarter horses. The Challenges offer multiple divisions for various ages and skill levels for both horse and rider. Classes include working ranch horse, ranch riding, team roping and barrel racing. To be eligible, horses must have been bred by a Ranching Heritage Breeder, plus all payments – weanling, yearling, 2-year-old and 3-year-old – must be complete in order to compete. Those payments also generate the purses for Ranching Heritage Challenge events. There’s more than $90,000 up for grabs at this year’s six events, plus there will be a Zoetis RHC Finals held in conjunction with the 2018 Zoetis Versatility Ranch Horse World Championship Show in Guthrie, Oklahoma. For more information about AQHA’s ranching programs, including a list of Ranching Heritage Breeders, an application to become a Ranching Heritage Breeder and Zoetis Ranching Heritage Challenge information, visit aqha.com/ranching. Look for these Zoetis Ranching Heritage Challenge logos on lots throughout the catalog!