2018 AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale

ALL THE LOTS FROM W.H. GREEN CATTLE COMPANY ARE ELIGIBLE TO BE ENROLLED IN THE RANCHING HERITAGE CHALLENGE! 38 W.H.GREEN CATTLE COMPANY Billy Green P.O. BOX 385, ALBANY, TEXAS 76430 325-762-2770 In the 1870’s, Thomas Henry Green from Hill County was running his stock on the open range of West Central Texas, including a herd of horses located in Western Stephens County, on Hubbard Creek. Since the open range was being fenced, he sent his young son, William Henry, a recent 1885 graduate of Trinity University, to locate, gather, sell the horses and return to Hill County. Henry did everything his father told him except return to Hill County. He was so impressed with the Hubbard Creek country that he used the money from the horses to lease and later purchase the beginning of the Green Ranches. When W.H. Green first acquired a herd of cattle branded “J” on the left hip, he adopted that brand. Today, W.H. Green Cattle Company still brands the J and is managed by Billy Green, grandson of the ranch’s founder. The ranch runs Hereford, Angus and black baldy cows and purchases yearlings each year. Horses are a very important part of daily ranch operations and are furnished by an award-winning broodmare band. The American Quarter Horse Association honored the Green horses with the 2002 AQHA/Bayer Best Remuda Award. Horses are bred to withstand the daily rigors of ranch use as well as excel in the performance horse world. LOTS 160-161