2018 AQHA Best of the Remuda Sale

26 HAYTHORN LAND & CATTLE CO. Craig and Jody Hayt horn 193 HAYTHORN DRIVE, ARTHUR, NEBRASKA 69121 308-355-4000 • HAYTHORN.COM Located in the Sandhills of Nebraska, the Haythorn Land and Cattle Company claims a unique and colorful history. Founder Harry Haythornthwaite first got a taste of the grit of the Sandhills when he came north from Texas on a cattle drive. As a sixteen-year-old boy in Lancaster, England, Harry had fallen in love too early and was denied his wish to marry. The heartbroken lad stowed away on a ship in 1876. Discovered by the ship’s captain, he was put to work tending white-faced bulls headed for Galveston, Texas. Over the next eight years Harry worked as a cowhand making four trail drives into Kansas and Nebraska and unlike most settlers, was drawn to the vast space of the Great Plains. Harry found the Great Plains to his liking and decided to stay. He opened a livery barn, shortened his name to Haythorn and married Emma Gilpin, a veterinarian’s daughter. In 1884, Harry filed a land grant section to begin the Haythorn Ranches that now spread over two ranches in two counties. In the late 1800s, Harry purchased 500 head of horses and trailed them back to Nebraska from Baker, Oregon. Then, in the 1940s, Walt Haythorn, Harry’s son, purchased “Sport” the first registered quarter horse in Nebraska, who went on to produce many geldings and exceptional producing mares. Haythorns crossed these mares with the original Eddie with great success. The ranch was recognized in 1992-1993 with the first annual Best of the Remuda Award bestowed by AQHA. Since then the equine operation has added bloodlines that include PlayGun, Metallic Cat and Haidas Little Pep. Present day manager, Craig Haythorn is the 4 th generation of Haythorns to manage this historic sandhills ranch. He and his wife Jody and 5 th generation Sage, and his wife Kelley, and Cord co-manage the day-to-day events trying to preserve cowboy traditions in an ever changing and increasingly challenging industry. On Christmas Day 2015, the 6 th generation Steel Daniel Haythorn was born! In July 2017, Cord married his wife Katie. Withhorsesplayingapivotalrole,theHaythornRanchcontinuestocarryon itsrichwesterntraditions. LOTS 136-153