2018 Red Angus Showcase Sale

3 Consigned by: Bar E Ranch / Roger Erickson Haskell, OK / 918-691-2702 / ericksoncattle@gmail.com This is a rare opportunity to get all the bloodlines wrapped up in this lot and even better the calf inside her will be great. BARE MS Mahgnybery 6032 is Adam’s show heifer from last year. Her quality speaks for itself. Study this heifer for her style, capacity, muscle and function. You can breed her to anything and be successful. Her sire is 93CH Oscar 2465, a full brother to 93CH Land Run who has produced many great ones for Saint Jo Land and Cattle. Here is your chance to obtain some awesome genetics. The Mahgnybery cow family is one of the best for Olson’s in North Dakota. This bred heifer has Mulberry, Hamley, Fiona and Mahogany in her bloodlines. She is bred to BARE Mr Tremor 6004 (3527515). Look him up and check out the EPDs and pedigree. Her service sire weaned off 60% of Dam’s body weight. The calf in this bred heifer is the kind we should all be raising. Pasture Bred to calve Feb 1-March 30. Sells with two units of GF Missionary Man 133 (1736364). BARE MS MAHGNYBERY 6032 3545258 2-22-2016 6032 BARE A 100% AR 75 102 502 100 CED BW WW YW Milk ME HPG CEM STAY MARB YG CW REA FAT T OP B REED % 83 47 0 1.7 65 95 12 1 13 7 9 0.38 0.13 28 -0.18 -0.01 71% 89% 95% 95% 28% 41% 98% 50% 27% 19% 65% 62% 93% 27% 97% 39% Reg. # Calved Tattoo Category BW BR WW WR YW YR Herd Builder Grid Master Bred Heifer 2 NBAR HAMLEY S913 PIE BILLINGS 487 93CH OSCAR 2465 NBAR KELLY 913 WR MS FIREFLY FIONA 8006 WEBR DOC HOLLIDAY 2N WR MS FIREFLY FIONA 548 OHRR MAHGNY BERRY 15L-11U RED FINE LINE MULBERRY 26P OHRR 212U MAHGNYBERY 132X OHRR 65H MAHOGNY 15L OHRR 65H RED MAHOGANY 212U WR MR. RED DAWG 5335 OHRR 508 MAHOGANY 65H BARE Mr Tremor 6004 • Service Sire ot Lot 2 BARE Ms Mahgnybery 6032 • Lot 2