2018 Red Angus Showcase Sale

1 January 27, 2018 | SALE TIME: 1 p.m. West Sale Arena at the Fort Worth Stock Show, Fort Worth, Texas HOSTED BY TEXAS RED ANGUS ASSOCIATION Watch and bid online at: Auction Staff Gilchrist Auction Management Group Kyle Gilchrist: 641/919-1077 Lisa Gilchrist: 515/669-9945 Newley Hutchison: 580/886-5085 Mandy Hutchison: 405/669-1435 Ringmen: Ralph Means: 817/ 235-9708 Weekly Livestock Reporter Kenny Dolson: 254/ 485-8454 Special Assignment Eric Lynch: 405/ 203-8353 Special Debut Assignment Special Guests: Tom Brink RAAA Chief Executive Officer Chessie Mitchell, RAAA Tag & Show Programs Coordinator Kyley DeVoe Area 4 Director - Southwest Newley Hutchison Area 6 Director - Great Plains Sale catalog by: Jane Adolph: 815/244-5456 Insurance: Mortality insurance will be available sale day. Welcome to the Fort Worth Red Angus Showcase! Welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Red Angus Showcase sale. We are honored once again to manage this sale with the Texas Red Angus Association and want to thank them for their continued support and confidence. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the Red Angus breed. The Red Angus female is, without a doubt, the most sought-after animal in the industry. Over the past three years, the Red Angus breed has experienced unprecedented growth in national RAAA memberships, cattle registrations and market dominance in commercial Red Angus female sales. No breed in the beef industry is poised for the explosion of market share and acceptance by commercial cattlemen and women than Red Angus. The reason, we believe, is simple. Once a cattle producer experiences the disposition and the maternal traits of the Red Angus breed they become instant fans, not to mention the added bonus of Red Angus cattle’s ability for high marbling, rapid gain, moderate size, heat tolerance and maybe most importantly ease of fleshing ability and muscle expression. Ease of fleshing equates to low maintenance and input costs which mean you can run more cattle on less feed whether they are on pasture or in the feedlot. It's not only exciting to be involved in the Red Angus breed, but beef production in general has been very rewarding the past few years. There are certainly ups and downs in the market, dry and wet conditions, hot and cold temps and sometimes we see the glass half empty. We think that the focus should be on the table that our glass sits on…American agriculture is that "table". There is no other industry on this planet that compares to the importance of agriculture. It is truly the backbone of the world. If you are considering a start-up in the Red Angus breed, an addition of a donor cow or herd bull or just adding to your existing program, the consignors of the Fort Worth Showcase have brought you a "front pasture" set of Red Angus genetics this year. All breeding animals are backed by the breeders that have consigned them. Bid with confidence. Once again thank you for your interest, if you have any questions before or after the sale don't hesitate to give any of the sales staff a call. Best Regards, The Gilchrist Sale Management Team Newley & Mandy Hutchison | Kyle & Lisa Gilchrist View this catalog online at: www.redcows.net A production of Star G Ranch, Inc. Gilchrist Auction Co. Kyle and Lisa Gilchrist 14075 120th St. • Douds, IA 52551 redcowseller@yahoo.com Kyle: 641/919/1077 • Lisa: 515/669-9945 Auction management by: