2018 Red Angus Showcase Sale

Brown Ms Oscar X6601 • Dam of Lot 47 Embryos Damar M186 Padora A189 • Choice Dam Lot 48 C-Bar Stony A317 • Choice Dam Lot 48 Feddes Sleek 2S • Choice Dam Lot 48 18 Consigned by: C&C Family Partners, LTD / Eddie Curtis Silsbee, TX / 409-781-6799 / gator4570@aol.com This is a powerful female with a 107.23 MPPA.A female with great genetics from the RA Brown ranch and one of the best RED CROWFOOT OLE'S OSCAR daughters we have seen. She has continually produced some highly sought after offspring. We are offering three (3) grade 1 embryos with one (1) added for the guarantee. The embryos are stored at TransOva Genetics in Centerville, Texas and ready for immediate shipment. EMBRYO PACKAGE CED BW WW YW Milk ME HPG CEM STAY MARB YG CW REA FAT T OP B REED % 109 51 0 0.9 66 105 21 -3 15 8 10 0.86 -0.02 34 0.37 0.00 Herd Builder Grid Master Embryos 47 LAZY MC LOOKOUT 37U B C LOOKOUT 7024 RED LAZY MC EYE SPY 64Y RED LAZY MC STAR 185M RED LAZY MC GOLD DESIGN 68U 5L DIRECT DESIGN 893-6315 RED FLOTRE GOLD 47R RED CROWFOOT OLE’S OSCAR MLK CRK CUB 722 BROWN MS OSCAR X6601 RED CROWFOOT OMEGA 9179J BROWN MS DESTINATION T6979 5L DESTINATION 893-6215 BROWN MS VACATION P6837 1451722 1385213 Sire Reg. # Dam Reg # Projected EPDs: Lot 48A-D Selling Choice of Embryo Matings Consigned by: P&P Ranch / Fred Pearson / Idaho Falls, ID / 208-821-2706 / pandpranch@gmail.com Selling choice of four (4) embryo lots. Buyer can pick and choose the matings from the following… Bulls: BROWN BLW INTREPID C5963 (#3527627) 9 MILE FRANCHISE 6305 (#3555188) MILWILLAH MARBLE BAR J53 (#3567871) Dams: FEDDES SLEEK 2S (#1096155) FEDDES LAKINA 87S (#1096230) DAMAR M186 PADORA A189 (#1622296) C-BAR MISS STONY A317 (#1631870) C-BAR STONY 531C (#3468579) C-BAR STONY 521C (#3498934)