2018 Invitational Ranch Horse Show and Sale Catalog

37 W.D. Johnson, Sr., started the Muleshoe brand when he bought the Blackwater division of the XIT Ranch on the Blackwater draw about 1900. The Santa Fe Railroad built a road from Lubbock to Clovis, NM which ran through the middle of the ranch known as the Muleshoe Ranch. By that time Mr. Johnson had sold the ranch to E.K. Warren and son from Three Oaks, Michigan. Warren gave one section for a town- site when the railroad was built. This town was named Muleshoe and still goes by that name. WhenMr. Johnson sold the ranch, he maintained the Muleshoe brand. Around 1908, Mr. Johnson and Mr. R.M. Clayton formed a partnership, the Clayton and Johnson Co. and bought a ranch in Borden County in 1913 continuing to use the Muleshoe brand. What is now the Muleshoe Ranch was originally open grazing and used by the Magnolia Land and Cattle Co. prior to 1894. In 1945 Mr. Jerry Clayton, one of R.M. Clayton’s sons, bought the Muleshoe Ranch from another son, A.M. Clayton. In 1957, Jerry Clayton sold the ranch to his daughters, Jere Hubbard and Barbara Anderson. In 1994, Rich and Barbara became the sole owners of the ranch. John Anderson and his wife, Kevva, live on the ranch. Their three children were also raised on the ranch. Clay John and his wife, Krista, live on the ranch and help run it as well. The younger daughter, Bailey Halverson, and her husband Jake, help with the working ranch program also. Whitney Fuston and her husband, Kye, carry on in the ranching industry as they work for the Matador Ranch. GAI L , TEXAS • 806-759-5019 MULESHOE RANCH Lot 16