2018 Fall Newsletter

5 KEEPING IT KID FRIENDLY So you’re looking for something that’s fun but also educational for your children to do. The Stock Show is like a cool science lab and playground rolled into one affordable package. Let’s start with some of the fun. Few things beat the excitement and joy of the Carnival / Midway. We’ve got bumper cars, the Wave Swinger and what sounds more fun than something called the Monkey Maze? Heck, even riding the teacup with your sister can be great fun. Next, let your kids explore the world of animal agriculture and get a sense of the importance that livestock have in their well-being. Planet Agriculture, presented by Texas Farm Bureau Insurance , takes your child on an agricultural science odyssey. Interactive exhibits show how Mother Nature turns a tiny seed into the cotton that makes your jeans or how technology is helping farmers feed a growing population. The Children’s Barnyard has mother farm animals with their newly born lambs, calves, piglets and ducklings. Let your child experience the emergence of life as baby chicks hatch right before their eyes. If you need more of the cuteness, head to the Bank of Texas Petting Zoo, or simply stroll through the livestock and horse barns where some of the most pampered cattle, horses, sheep, goats and swine are being readied for the show ring. Then, it’s time to look for a new pair of cowboy boots, jeans or maybe a BBQ pit? The Stock Show has more than 200,000 square feet of shopping (that’s bigger than many Walmarts) with something for everyone. IT’S OKAY FOR KIDS TO GO “WILD” One of the coolest experiences at the Stock Show, Kids Gone Wild! , is coordinated by the Texas Wildlife Association on January 21. Mother Nature’s mysteries come to life when you come eye-to-eye with a desert tortoise, or a red-tail hawk. There’s a fishtank where your kiddo can catch a catfish so big it will make granddad jealous as well as opportunities for them to experience air rifles, archery and other hands-on sportsmanship activities in a safe and highly supervised setting. It’s a unique chance for children to grasp the importance of the natural world and how it impacts humankind.