2018 Fall Newsletter

12 Heritage Sale Brings New Twist to RANCHING HERITAGE WEEKEND THE LIVESTOCK GIVE STOCK SHOW ITS SPECIAL FEEL Probably nothing defines the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo more than the sensation one gets when they stroll the rows of neatly groomed cattle in the Show’s legendary barns. The unmistakable sounds of buzzing clippers and blow dryers fill the air as exhibitors put last minute touches on cattle headed for the show arena. Livestock were the main attraction for 24 years before the Stock Show debuted the World’s Original Indoor Rodeo in 1918 and, for most visitors, they still are. Other than more modern facilities, not much has changed. Besides the exhibitors, family members and adult leaders, thousands of visitors, many several generations removed from a farm or ranch, stroll the aisles of not only cattle but also horses, sheep, goats, swine and poultry. They come for various reasons. Some do it for fun, for others it’s a passion and it’s a first-time fascination for many. Regardless, it’s a real-life experience where Texas’ biggest agricultural sector connects with people from virtually all walks of life and that’s what makes “this thing legendary.” Today, Fort Worth’s reputation for horses is stronger than ever. Debuting January 13, the new Fort Worth Stock Show Heritage Sale will take two legendary auctions and hold them back-to-back in the John Justin Arena. Kicking off the new format will be the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Best of the Remuda Sale featuring ranches that have won the association’s prestigious Best of the Remuda Award. The Stock Show’s 62nd Annual Select Breeders Quarter Horse Sale will occur immediately following Best of the Remuda Sale. Traditionally held on the last Saturday of the Show, the Select Breeders sale is being moved in order that potential buyers can attend both sales in one afternoon. The Fort Worth Stock Show Heritage Sale will provide a variety of quality horses from respected ranches and horsemen across the Southwest. There is, unlikely, not a three-day stretch at any stock show that can boast more ranch related equine activities than Ranching Heritage Weekend, January 12 through 14. Two of the Stock Show’s most popular AQHA horse shows – the Ranching Heritage Challenge and the Versatility Ranch Horse Show – are featured along with the Fort Worth Stock Show Heritage Sale, the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show Invitational Ranch Horse Show & Sale and the AQHA and National Reined Cowhorse Association Working Cowhorse classes.