2018 Commercial Heifer Sale

Page 3 John Merrill 903.885.4234 john.merrill@genusplc.com ABSBEEF. COM | 1 . 800 . ABS . STUD The Complete Package ü Powerful COMPLETE son with high accuracy calving ease and an outstanding overall proof ü Moderate, heavy muscled and attractive - a favorite of all who have seen him ü High customer satisfaction made him our #1 volume seller in the spring of 2017 ü Ranks in the top 10% for Total Profit Index through the Angus Sire Alliance program ü Progeny are making their mark in the sale ring including three of the top six bulls and the $190,000 sale topper at the Rancho Casino & Dal Porto Livestock Bull Sale KM BROKEN BOW 002 AAA 16764044 SUMMITCREST COMPLETE 1P55 x BASIN AMBUSH 8161 2018 Headliners BROKEN BOW 29AN1829 Stacked Calving Ease and Maternal ü Calving ease and maternal from his sire the legendary DOMINO 3027 with added growth and performance ü His dam, the 21W cow is trending to be one of the most impressive and productive donors in the Hereford breed today ü Progeny are incredibly consistent, they are good patterned, deep bodied, and the daughters are exactly what you expect ü An opportunity to take a progressive next step with this Horned Hereford sire PYRAMID 3027 DOMINO 1109 AHA 43185506 UPS DOMINO 3027 x CJH HARLAND 408 Roger Wann 940.727.8492 roger.wann@genusplc.com DOMINO 1109 29HH0843 Contact your local ABS rep or call 1-800-ABS-STUD to add these headline sires to your herd today!