2019 Commercial Exhibits Guide

2019 SOUTHWESTERN EXPOSITION AND LIVESTOCK SHOW FORT WORTH, TEXAS Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Commercial Exhibitor Rules & Guidelines 2019 3 Exhibitor Dates & Deadlines March 1 – November 1 Applications for booth space will only be accepted during this time. May 1 Invitations sent to returning Exhibitors via Formstack. June 1 Deadline for returning Exhibitors to complete and return Formstack paperwork.- Applications not received in our office by this date will not be under consideration for an invitation to return as a 2019 Commercial Exhibitor. Phone calls will not suffice. If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, contact us and we will mail you a form. June 1 Those not invited to return will receive an email and general delivery mail correspondence of why they are not invited to return. June 15 Contracts will be mailed to returning exhibitors that have submitted their returning exhibitor application. August 1 Contracts are due in the Commercial Exhibits office with 50% deposit. Contract will be void if 50% Deposit is not received on or before this date. Once your initial deposit is received, installment payments will be accepted. However, your final booth payment is due by December 1 by Cash or Check only. In order to make installment arrangements, you must contact the Commercial Exhibits Manager. November 1 *NEW - Exhibit Guides will be posted online. Hard copies will be mailed by request only. December 1 Final Balance Due on all contracts. All Cash or Check payments must be postmarked December 1 or in the Exhibits Office by December 1. No exceptions will be made. January 2 Forklift Form Due - If you require forklift assistance from Freeman Decorating Service to unload heavy equipment we must have your forklift form in our office on this date. If we do not, you will not be scheduled for unloading assistance which will cause delays in both our move in processes and your move in. *NEW – Forklift Forms will be emailed in December to all exhibitors. It is your responsibility to ensure the email address on file is correct and get your form to us on time. General Contract Information Invitations to participate as a commercial exhibitor at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo are issued on an annual basis. Space and location is subject to change at the sole discretion of the show. Exhibitors who receive an invitation to participate must complete the Interest Invitation & Survey, Annual Contract and return both by their required due dates as listed above. Only complete contracts will be accepted. The deposit must accompany the Contract and the balance must be paid in full by the date specified in the contract. Within each agreement the Exhibitor is required to: • Execute the Contract and verify all information within. • Complete and update all Contract information, including contact information, email addresses and website. • Provide accurate and complete (including brands) product information and pricing. Failure to meet the deadlines for submitting required forms and payment may result in forfeiture of the invitation to participate in the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo as an Exhibitor. Partial or invalid (e.g., a returned check or declined credit card) may also result in forfeiture of the invitation to participate and any contracts. Product and Merchandise Selection/Info All items available for sale or distribution in your booth must be on your contract as approved to sell and signed off on by the Commercial Exhibits Manager. If an unapproved item is found in your exhibit space, the Show may require the unapproved items to be removed from the exhibit space. When selecting merchandise for your booth space, please consider the following: 1. Merchandise with any of the FWSSR logo, even strictly for display purposes, is not allowed in any exhibit space. 2. No copyrighted merchandise may be displayed or offered for sale without proper authorization. 3. No selling, dispensing or displaying any item with vulgar or offensive wording, including items referring to alcohol abuse, drug use, and violence or any sexually explicit or suggestive in nature is prohibited. SWELS will determine what is vulgar or offensive, in the SWELS sole and absolute discretion. Any booth selling, displaying or dispensing items of this nature will be closed immediately, forfeiting all fees and monies paid. The following is not permitted in any booth: Stickers, helium balloons, Frisbees, skateboards, scooters or any projectile items. This includes items that are to be “given” away as promotional items.