2018 Charolais Sale Catalog

4 | C.A.T. C attle D rive K eys A ll S tate 149X ...sire of lot 12 LH A ll S tates L ady 702 LH MISS MAX H704 PLD TW 5/16/17 POLLED F1242153 LE H704 JDJ MAXIMO A18 P M841630 LT LEDGER 0332 P JDJ MS TRUEMARK Y322 ENDSLEY’S DUECE 756 TEL MS BRONCO 707 LT BLUEGRASS 4017 P LT BRENDA 6120 PLD JDJ TRUE MARK T39 P JDJ MS ICE R2033 WM MR CIGAR DUKE 249 PET ENDSLEY’S ALICE 350 TEL DUKES BLUFF 143 RBR MS ROCKBLUFF 206ET TEL MS DUECE 111 F1201674 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 0.8 1.2 27 48 6 3.5 19 0.9 18 0.52 0.004 0.11 192.56 13 lot Sells Open. A very classic, well designed prospect by Maximo! His offspring have the style, abundant volume and natural thickness tied in with faultless conformation. She descends from a great Endsley, MI, bred bull used by Tom Lewis. The Endsley bull was a Cigar son out of Morley’s great JWK Erma E216 ET Donor cow. With excellent numbers, a light birth weight, and strong pedigree this young heifer will be an excellent addition to any herd. Bobby Huse LH ALL STATES LADY 702 5/1/17 polled F1238464 LE H702 KEYS ALL STATE 149X M792787 KEYS SPECIALIST 18U MISS KEY MEG 2T SR/NC FIELD REP 2158 P ET DCF SWEETNESS 594 KEYS TEN-ACIOUS 166S MISS KEY KRISTEN 63K KEYS CHUMLEY 8R MISS KEY MEG 4R LHD MR PERFECT Y416 SR LADY EASE 914 ET THREE TREES WIND 2638 ET DCF MS MAC 708G-P DCF LADY REP 957 F1118654 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 1.5 -0.5 37 37 64 5.5 21 1.5 28 1.03 0 .001 0.07 210.46 12 lot Sells Open. A very stylish and correct daughter of All State, a sire known for performance and show. Good EPDs enhance her value along with a popular pedigree of known producers. Her top 5% ranking for REA EPDs shows the extra thickness the All State progeny are noted for. This prospect bred by Lexi Huse shows the determination and skill of our junior members. A top prospect to campaign or take to the pasture for profitable production. Bobby Huse JDJ M aximo A18 P ...sire of lot 13 LH M iss M ax H704 PLD TW