2018 Charolais Sale Catalog

J anuary 26, 2018, F t . W orth , T exas | 3 T homas M s I mpressive 0641 ... donor dam of embryos selling as lots 10 & 11 M & M M s S tealth 9509 PLD ET ... donor dam of lot 9 flush M6 M s 104' s Z sa Z sa 687 ... donor dam of lot 8 flush Milestone x Ms impressive 0641 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 7.7 0.4 31 58 7 6.2 23 0.7 22 0.58 0.011 0.19 204.8 10 lot Embyros sired by WC Milestone out of TR Ms Impressive 0641 have “High Seller” in the genetic make up. Milestone was the $250,000 valued bull at the Wright Charolais Bull Sale and is becoming a go-to herd sire for adding power and performance which stems back the YL06 daughter 5078. This mating was the high selling lots for $12,000 where choice of heifers was offered and the bid was doubled and 2 of the 3 heifers were selected at the 2017 Wild Indian Acres Production Sale. 0641 has had too many high sellers and National Champion purebred and composites to mention them all. TR PZC Turton 7594, Bombshell, Firefly, Ivory Angel, Brooke, 19 and Crazy and Pistil Annie are just a few. In the last several years if you were not showing one of the 0641 genetics you were showing against them. Here is your chance to own a piece of the historic 0641 genetics. Lots 8-11 consigned by Polzin Cattle Co. M6 MS 104'S ZSA ZSA 687 9/25/06 POLLED EF1061110 LE 687 M6 GRID MAKER 104 PET M633377 WCR SIR TRADITION 066 VCR MISS MAC IV 317 LHD CIGAR E46 THOMAS MS BONANZA 8698 WCR SIR TRADITION 4402 IDEAL 809 45 OF 25 WCR SIR FA MAC 2244 VCR MISS DUCHESS 113 PLD LHD MR PERFECT Y416 LHD MS CLASSIC BELL X613 SCHURRTOP BONANZA PLD THOMAS MS IMMORTAL 7300 THOMASSWISSERSWEET1764ET F919932 lot 687 was acquired from M6 in 2009 and has not missed since she has been in our donor pen. She is one of the most unique Grid Maker daughters and a maternal sister to Firewater. If you are wanting to start a cow herd here is the female to not over look. She has produced many sale features for Polzin Cattle Company and will produce many champions for you. 8 Guaranteed Flush M & M MS STEALTH 9509 PLD ET 9/7/09 POLLED EF1117989 LE 9509 DR STEALTH 574 M695129 HOODOO SLASHER 1144 DR ALEXIS 412 ET RC BUDSMYDAD 225 POLLED BALDRIDGESWEETHEART444ET HOODOO CROOK 7118 MISS HOODOO Z6151 BALDRIDGE CADILLAC 74E RCRMISSWWWINDSOCK625PLD RC BUD 04 ET MISS SHOWGUN RC 416 VCR SIR DUKE 914 PLD BALDRIDGE SWEETHEART 53D BALDRIDGE SWEETHEART 7M F970711 lot 9509 has created a stir in the Charolais breed. She is the combination of Sweetheart 7M which has been genetic master piece for Wright Charolais and the M&M Program. 9509 has became a house hold name for producing sale features while bringing $45,000 for half-interest in the 2017 Embryos on Snow. In 2016, she produced two heifers that averaged $14,500 and a $10,000 flush. Do not let this flush opportunity slip away! 9 Guaranteed Flush Three Embryos Outsider x Ms impressive 0641 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 11.8 -1.3 29 60 7 5.6 21 0.5 17 0.48 0.014 0.19 209.74 1 1 lot A champion in the making is here by combining Outsider and 0641. Both the sire and the dam have had more champions than a person can mention. Outsider semen is bringing $800 plus a unit and only a limited amount of Outsider semen is being sold each year. Even if you are not in the Charolais breed you have heard about Outsider as the outcross calving ease bull with look and power. Outsider and his dam, M&M MS Carbine Pld, were selected privately by Conley Cattle of Okla. in their entirety from M&M charolais. A piece of them was then sold to Hartman Cattle Co.of Neb. and Thomas Ranch of S. Dakota. Outsider was a sale highlight in the Thomas Ranch Dispersal and has became a name brand for show champions . Here is your chance to combine the champions. Three Embryos WC M ilestone 5223 P ... sire of lot 10 embryos est. est.