2018 Charolais Sale Catalog

2 | C.A.T. C attle D rive 3G C owgirl X quisite BHD M s C urlin X292 ...donor of lot 5 flush & lot 6 embryos Lot 7 consigned by Ridder Farm 3G COWGIRL XQUISITE 6/4/10 POLLED EF1124646 LE E087X LT RIO BRAVO 3181 P M665507 LT RIO BLANCO 1234 P LT 7N OF DUKE 9083 PLD CARDINALS LAD B180P SFC MISS SUE 825 WCR PRIME CUT 764 PLD LT PRAIRIE MAID 4054 WCR SIR DUKE 611 LT UNLIMITED PRO 1128 CARDINALS MAVERICK 9023P CARDINAL LADY 7717 NWMSU COMBINATION 844 SCF MISS BLIZZARD 825 SFC BABE 304 F972605 7B lot 3G Cowgirl Xquisite is a unique female when you study her both phenotypically and genotypically. She is a National Champion and the dam of National Champion Females. She was the high selling female in the Utopia Dispersal where she was in high demand. The Ridders and C&H are offering the opportunity to add this cow family to your herd. Do not let your opportunity to own a part of this genetic masterpiece slide away. CREEK CUT GRETA 576P ET 9/2/06 POLLED EF1059470 LE 576 M6 GRID MAKER 104 PET M633377 WCR SIR TRADITION 066 VCR MISS MAC IV 317 WCR SIR FA MAC 2244 VCR MISSPERFECTION0119PD WCR SIR TRADITION 4402 IDEAL 809 45 OF 25 WCR SIR FA MAC 2244 VCR MISS DUCHESS 113 PLD WCR SIR FAB MAC 809 WCR MISS CENTURY 920 TWN WCR SIR PERFECTION 829 73ACR MS PATSY W/152 RLL GOIN’ PLACES 1329PET F950190 7A lot 576P is a female that can produce a show ring or a performance champion. This Grid Maker daughter will produce power and eye appeal. She is the mother of RF Greta sired by Firewater and successfully paraded by C&H on a national level. Her dam also made her mark as a show female being a National Champion and a National Charolais Sale feature for Riverdale Land and Livestock where she sold to Bruner Pld Charolais and was a feature donor for M6 Ranch. She has been a feature donor for Polzin Cattle Co as well as owned with C&H and Wild Indian Acres. C reek C ut G reta 576P ET BHD MS CURLIN X292 2/23/10 POLLED F1132536 LE X292 JDJ CURLIN S3012 P M752502 SSR MR SPUR 3328 JDJ MS CIGAR K1509 MD RACE R1487 LHD MS HERITAGE P525 CJC RIFLEMAN K1670 BHD MS SPUR J106 LHD CIGAR E46 JDJ MS PLOY G980 CJC TRADEMARK H45 MD MS SMOKINJO N1538 CJC HERITAGE J1654 LHD MS PERFECTALI K1366 LHD MS RACET U1518 F1101080 lot Lot 5: Selling a Guaranteed Flush consisting of a minimum of 7 frozen embryos in this AICA Sterling Dam of Distinction. She will be ready immediately after sale to flush and all work will be done at MultiGen Reproductive Services, Stanford, Ky. She has averaged 16 eggs per flush. You will get all the embryos she produces or a proportionate refund. This dynamic donor sold for $16,000 in the 2017 Spirit of Bluegrass Sale last October. She ranks in the top 15% for WW, 9% MTL, 6% CW, and 7% REA EPDs within the breed. She has calves in Montana, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and West Virginia already. One of the most phenotypically correct cows in the breed with superior udder quality. This powerful cow is thick, deep-bodied, bold ribbed, very feminine with a very long, angular front-end and extended clean neck. A great disposition and backed up by one of the most proven, stacked pedigrees in the breed. It will probably only take one of her calves to return the investment in this powerful flush opportunity! Lot 6: This was our first mating after purchasing X292. The Maximo calves have had outstanding conformation, growth and style. This should be an amazing mating and give you a super advantage with these embryos. Lots 5 & 6 consigned by Joshua French 5 Guaranteed Flush Lot 7 - Choice of Guaranteed Flush of Donors Maximo A18 x CURLIN X292 lot 6 Three Embryos ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 3.7 1.6 36 63 9 4.5 27 1.4 27 0.77 -0.002 0.16 207.94