2018 Charolais Sale Catalog

14 | C.A.T. C attle D rive Here i am Walks alone Goretska 805 M6 FULL THROTTLE 2138 PET WCR MS PRIME TIME 177 P Heat wave 7587 (Draft pick son x Full Flush) Ali Heat wave x habenaro VCR SIR DUKE 914 PLD M6 MS MARK 9485 WCR PRIME TIME 908 P WCR MISS EASE 937P DS PRIME SILVER 6212 F1057599 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI NOT AVAILABLE Opportunity to invest in a composite mating that should be awesome in design. Here I Am is a Maine x Chi x Angus composite bull that is flat shouldered, good hearted, smooth built and flawless structured with great hair and disposition. He is a grandson of Heat Wave and out of the popular Goretska 805 donor that has produced multiple club calf champions and promotional bulls. Prime Silver 6212 is a large volume, heavy milking cow with super length and correctness. Full Throttle has been one of the greatest sons of Duke 914. This should be a very interesting mating. 3A Charolais Here i am x prime silver 34 lot Grid maker x ms cash 691 M6 GRID MAKER 104 PET M633377 WCR SIR TRADITION 066 VCR MISS MAC IV 317 DOUBLE-H CASH 414P ET GP E46 MS SILVERBOEN04ET WCR SIR TRADITION 4402 IDEAL 809 45 OF 25 WCR SIR FA MAC 2244 VCR MISS DUCHESS 113 PLD LT RIO BLANCO 1234 P JWK MIRANDA F208 ET LHD CIGAR E46 CJC MS SILVERBOE D1253 M6 MS CASH 691 F1061258 ce bw ww yw milk mce mtl sc cw rea fat marB TSI 6.4 0.9 30 60 20 7.7 36 1.0 25 0.78 -0.012 0.14 208.2 35 lot Grid Maker females are some of the best producers in the breed. 691 is one of the top Cash daughters and reinforced by an elite donor, the SilverboeNO4ET donor cow, a full sister to the top selling bull in the 2010 DeBruycker bull sale to going to Wayne Nish in Canada. This mating could very easily produce sale topping individuals or be awesome additions to any herd, especially a female! Bill McDavid Three Embryos Three Embryos H ere I A m ...sire of lot 34 DS P rime S ilver 6212 ...donor dam of lot 34 embryos M6 G rid M aker 104 PET ...sire of lot 35 M6 M s C ash 691 ...donor dam of lot 35 embryos est.