Best of the West Angus Bull Sale

Coming two-year-old Bulls 2018 PLEASE HELP US THANK THE EMBRYO PACKAGE DONORS FOR THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS. EMBRYOS OFFERED AT THE TAA CAB® STEAK DINNER AND DANCE, FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018. Embryo Elite EXAR LUCY 4060 dam FOUR FROZEN EMBRYOS: TURNER MEADOW RANCH EXAR Rapture 5844B (18116133) x EXAR Lucy 4060 (17739857) SJH CONSENSUS 9360 2705 grandam THREE FROZEN EMBRYOS: 2 BAR ANGUS FF Rito Righteous 6R41 (18577290) x 2 Bar Discovery 5310 (18144066) EXAR MONUMENTAL 6056B grandson of dam FOUR FROZEN EMBRYOS: FAIRWAY FARMS ANGUS A A R Ten X 7008 S A (15719841) x FWY Rita C085 (17340168) GOODE PROGRESS 4161 dam FOUR FROZEN EMBRYOS: GOODE ANGUS Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 (16925771) x Goode Progress 4161 (17974187) MONARCH RITA 1106 dam FOUR FROZEN EMBRYOS: EVANS FARMS Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 (16925771) x Monarch Rita 1106 (16971762) MGR ERICA 4104 dam FOUR FROZEN IVF EMBRYOS: OLDE OAKS ANGUS Jindra Acclaim 134 (17972810) x MGR Erica 4104 (18156923) T U R N E R M E A D O W R A N C H BULLS • FEMALES • EMBRYOS SEMEN T O A P A S T U R E N E A R Y O U C O M I N G S O O N To Bene t Youth Scholarships