Best of the West Angus Bull Sale

Thursday, January 18 5:30 pm COWTOWN CLASSIC SOCIAL Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel, Downtown Fort Worth FRIDAY, JANUARY 19 9:00 am TAA ANNUAL MEETING Cactus Room, Fort Worth Stock Show TAA AUXILIARY MEETING I mmediately following the annual meeting 12:00 noon BEST OF THE WEST BULL SALE West Arena, Fort Worth Stock Show 6:00 pm TAA CAB® STEAK DINNER AND DANCE Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel, Downtown Fort Worth SATURDAY, JANUARY 20 10:00 am TJAA ANNUAL MEETING Cattle Barn #4, Fort Worth Stock Show 12:00 noon STARS OF TEXAS FEMALE SALE West Arena, Fort Worth Stock Show Sunday, January 21 1:00 pm JUNIOR ANGUS HEIFER SHOW Watt Arena, Fort Worth Stock Show COWTOWN CLASSIC Schedule of Events ANGUS GENETICS PAY PREMIUMS. At this writing (December 21, 2017) the Choice/Select spread stands at $18.30/CWT, up $3.30 from this time last year. The Choice/CAB spread today is an impressive $11.20/CWT. It is easy for you to do the math and calculate the differ- ence between a select carcass and one that grades Choice and meets the criteria for Certified Angus Beef. Whether you are a small commercial cattleman or a volume producer, these are premiums you can take advantage of by incorporating Angus bulls into your breeding program. Even if you sell your cattle at a point along the supply chain short of slaughter you are being rewarded for the quality stemming from Angus genetics. ANGUS GENETICS PROVIDE CALVING EASE. Birth weight EPDs in all breeds are used to compare the average birth weights of calves sired by different bulls. Remember that they are a comparison tool and tell you nothing about the actual birth weight of the progeny. Regardless of the EPD, any bull in any breed can, and probably will, sire calves with a wide range of weights. The EPD tells us that a bull with a +4.0 BW EPD will, on average, sire calves that weigh 4 pounds more than a bull with a +0.0 BW EPD. Can you tell the difference between a 72 and a 76 pound calf? My point is, don’t let the BW EPD keep you from selecting a bull that will put dollars in your pocket. A great Angus breeder from Arkansas, Dave McMahon of Belle Point Ranch, always said, “calve a peanut, wean a peanut”. While smaller calves solve the calving issue, they may be robbing you of profit when it comes time for you to market the finished product by the pound. By and large, Angus bulls are known throughout the industry as calving specialist when compared to other breeds. Take advantage of the great set of bulls offered here today. ANGUS GENETICS HAVE NAME RECOGNITION. Have you ever gone to your local grocery chain or favorite fast food outlet and seen a sign promoting another breed’s beef. The answer is NO. You do, however, regularly see advertisements for ANGUS beef. You too can benefit from the groundwork that has been laid by the American Angus Association and its subsidiary, Certified Angus Beef. Using a registered Angus bull on your commercial herd makes you a part of this well known team. Our consignors have responded to the needs of our customers by offering to you today Angus genetics at its best. Seventy-five percent of the bulls available today are twenty month of age or older. All are ANGUS, “The Business Breed.” Don’t miss your opportunity today to purchase bulls that can propel your calves to the next level. Regards, Robbie D. Bean Sale Manager ROBBIE D. BEAN 2944 RS CR 3425, Brashear, TX 75420 903-571-7950 West Arena John Justin Arena Richardson-Bass Bldg. EQUESTRIAN CENTER GARAGE/ JUSTIN LOT W.R. WATT DR. UNIVERSITY DR. TRAIL DRIVE Casa Mañana RIP JOHNSON RD. RV PARKING PUBLIC PARKING Multi- Purpose Pavilion COL PA Ticket O ce 42 Brown-Lupton South Boot Barn H TE 30 Moncrief Bldg. UM G W. R. Watt Arena Farrington Field FARRINGTON NORTH PUBLIC PARKING PUBLIC PARKING FARRINGTON SOUTH FARRINGTON EAST PUBLIC RKING/ STAGING EQUESTRIAN MULTI-PURPOSE CENTER/ GARAGE Botanical Research Institute of Texas Ticket O ce SALE LOCATION Will Rogers Memorial Center Stock Show Grounds, West Arena in the Richardson-Bass Build- ing. Cattle are penned for viewing south of the John Justin Arena also in the Richardson-Bass Building. Trailer parking available at Farrington Field, east of the Will Rogers Complex. 1 1. Sale attendees with trailers, please park here. 2. Sale cattle pens. 3. Sale takes place in West Arena. 3 2 Sale broadcast live on 800-431-4452 Certified Angus Beef ® is continually working to add more value to your product. See how Texas Angus and the breeders of the Best of the West Bull Sale are “Targeting the Brand.” More information available on page 36.