2019 Stars of Texas - Angus Female Sale

PAGE  3 HEIFER PREGNANCIES BALDRIDGE ISABEL C235 PREGNANCY sells as Lot 1. BAR R JET BLACK 5063 sire of Lot 1. Connealy Black Granite Connealy Consensus 7229 BAR R JET BLACK 5063 Eura Elga of Conanga 9109 *18389838 Sitz Upward 307R Bar R Iris Anita 0113 Bar R Anita 7081 baldridge Xpand x743 Hoover Dam BALDRIDGE ISABEL C235 Baldridge Queen S87 +*18494573 Styles Upgrade J59 Baldridge Isabel Y69 Baldridge Isabel T935 1 BALDRIDGE ISABEL C235 PREGNANCY Due Date: 2/26/2019 Offered by Spruce Mountain Ranch SC EPD DOC EPD HP EPD CEM EPD MILK EPD CW EPD MARB EPD +1.28 +25 +1.6 +10 +24 +86 +0.62 +0.87 +19 +7.9 +9 +18 +48 +0.82 RE EPD FAT EPD $Wean $Feedlot $Grid $Beef +1.00 +0.002 +86.80 +149.97 +38.33 +210.04 +0.79 -0.003 +69.27 +110.91 +47.94 +167.54 CED BW EPD WW EPD YW EPD RADG EPD DMI EPD YH EPD +11 +1.0 +89 +158 +0.40 +0.26 +0.7 +8 +1.6 +75 +134 +0.29 +0.31 +0.4 Pregnancy due 2/26/2019. S D S D S D The donor dam of this heifer pregnancy sold half interest for $320,000 to top the 2017 sale at Spruce Mountain Ranch and the first two heifer pregnancies offered for sale from her sold for $50,000 each to Pollard Farms in the 2018 Big Event at Express establishing her among the most valuable young cows alive in the Angus breed at this time. Baldridge Colonel, a flush brother to the donor dam set a Baldridge record when he sold for $580,000 with his daughters topping sales across the breed this fall. A flush sister to the donor dam produced an BALDRIDGE COLONEL full brother to the Lot 1 donor. $85,000 half interest top-selling heifer calf at Spruce Mountain in 2018 where heifer pregnancies from her sold for $50,000 and $45,000 with a maternal sister to the donor dam of this pregnancy selling half interest for $160,000. Grandam is one of the breed’s most admired females and well on her way to joining the breed’s top income producing donor dams.