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Stock Show Dates
January 17 - February 8, 2020
Gates open daily at 8:00 a.m.
Gates close at 8:00 p.m.

Horse Show FAQ

Horse Show Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter the Show online?
Entry applications may be filled out online, printed and mailed in with the proper fees.

What are the entry closing deadlines?
Entry deadline is November 15. Late Entries will be accepted with a penalty until December 30. Please refer to the Horse Premium List for more details. No late entries will be accepted after December 30.

When can I get my stall assignments?
Stall assignments are available upon arrival to grounds.

Can I buy ground passes, parking permits, etc. once I get to the Show?
Upon verification of your entries, additional passes may be purchased at the Horse Show Stall Office or the accounting office in Cattle Barn 4.

Can I bring my own feed and shavings?
For the convenience of the exhibitors, feed and additional bedding can be purchased at the Horse Show Stall Office or the Feed Office in Cattle Barn 4 and delivered to the exhibitor’s stall. Although exhibitors may bring enough feed and bedding to accommodate their own animals.

Can I bring my animals in earlier than the specified arrival time?
No, arrival times are strictly enforced. These times are set up to allow for the barns to be made ready for each session of animals to show.

Do I need to have health papers on my animals?
Yes, all animals entering the Show grounds are required to have a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection within 30 days and a negative Coggins test within the past 12 months. Refer to the Animal Health Regulations in the Current Horse Premium List for requirements on specific classes of animals.

Will I be refunded if I cancel my entry?
Stall rent, show fees, ground passes and parking permits will not be refunded on cancellations made after November 15. Entry Fees will be refunded, provided cancellation is received in writing by 9:00 a.m. two (2) days before scheduled class time. Cancellations accepted by mail or in person only.

Can I substitute a horse not entered in the Show for a horse already entered?
Substitution of a horse not entered in the Show for a horse entered under the same ownership will be allowed until November 15. Any substitution after this date will be subject to a $40 charge for each horse. All substitutions must be made not later than 12:00 NOON the day preceding judging. Once an animal has been shown, substitutions will not be allowed. Once a horse is substituted, the original horse may not be shown. Substitutions and changes of ownership accepted by mail or in person only.

Can I change the ownership of a horse entered in the Show?
Change of ownership is not considered a substitution. A change of ownership will require a current copy of the registration papers from the breed association showing the new owner and must be accompanied by a $40 charge for each horse. Horses entered in the Show by the entry deadline may have the name of the owner changed up until December 30. After this date there will be no change of ownership accepted.

How do I add classes or make class changes from what I originally entered?
A horse entered in the Show may be entered in additional classes or change classes until November 15. After this date, a charge of $10 will be made for each added class/class change. This charge is in addition to the stated entry fees for each class. All added classes/class changes must be made not later than 12:00 NOON the day preceding judging. Added classes and class changes accepted by mail or in person only.

Can I late enter my horse?
Late entries will be accepted after the closing date provided exhibitor pays appropriate late show fee (please refer to Special Rules for each department in the Horse Premium List). Any entry postmarked after November 15 will be considered late and must pay appropriate fee. All late entries must be postmarked by midnight December 30. Absolutely no late entries accepted after this date.