2019 Fort Worth Braunvieh Salebook

THE NATIONAL BRAUNVIEH SALE | PAGE 2 AUCTIONEER Col. Randy Woodward (918) 557-3095 SALE DATE & TIME Sunday, January 20th at 5:00 pm CST SALE LOCATION West Arena (at Fort Worth Stock Show) 3400 Burnett-Tandy Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76101-0150 SALE DAY PHONES Donnie Johnson (214) 226-3347 Todd Alford (706) 207-9454 Holly Alford (706) 270-3994 SALE MANAGER CATTLE IN DEMAND Todd Alford (706) 207-9454 Holly Alford (706) 270-3994 WWW.CATTLEINDEMAND.COM SALE STAFF Kenny Dolsen, Special Assignment Ralph Means, Weekly Livestock Reporter Scott Farmer, Special Assignment HERD HEALTH All Cattle will be accompanied by appropriate health papers for immediate shipment. TRUCKING We will assist buyers in arranging shipment of purchases. INSURANCE All animals become the property of the purchaser and will be at Purchaser risk at the time of sale. Insurance will be available should buyers wish to purchase it. TERMS & CONDITIONS Terms of the sale are cash or check with proper ID, and settle- ment must be made sale day and/or before anything is loaded or leaves the sale facility. Every lot will be sold to the highest bidder, with the auctioneer settling any bidding disputes. Announced changes in catalog info sale day will take precedence over printed material in the catalog. REGISTRATIONS AND TRANSFERS A Certificate of registry and transfer will be furnished for each animal at no cost to the buyer within 45 days after settlement of animals purchased. LIABILITY All persons attending this sale and related functions do so at their own risk. Cattle In Demand, the sale consignors and Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo assume no liability, legal or otherwise, for any accidents that may occur. ABSENTEE BIDS If you wish to make purchases but are unable to attend this sale, please contact the sale manager or consultant. GENETIC DEFECT GUARANTEE The cattle in this sale are guaranteed to be free of known Genetic defects as outlined the Braunvieh Association of American Rules and Regulations. If an animal Sold in this sale is found to have a genetic defect, it will be the responsibility of the seller of that animal to satisfy the buyer with a refund or replacement. Buyer must contact seller within 12 months from the sale date to imple- ment the guarantee. ONLINE BIDDING Meredith DeBorde (972) 523-6888 Braunvieh Officers & Directors PRESIDENT Mark Nelson (402) 705-3907 VICE PRESIDENT Caleb Russell (417) 793-6357 SECRETARY Jeff Zimmerman (402) 223-8367 TREASURER Tim Bagley (706) 217-5459 DIRECTORS Dwight Alexander (903) 439-8209 Ana Duke (832) 525-8771 John Hall (806) 930-2560 Paul Prazak (979) 251-2280 Daniel Roberts (270) 598-9848 Kendall Schlake (402) 300-0745 Stoney Scheer (805) 245-0330 Mark Wolken (402) 793-5395 BRAUNVIEHASSOCIATIONOFAMERICA PO Box 2768 | Seguin,Texas 78156 | (210) 561-2892 | email :baaoffice@braunvieh.org | www.braunvieh.org Fort Worth Braunvieh Sale January 20, 2019 Fort Worth, Texas WEST ARENA AT THE FORT WORTH STOCK SHOW SUNDAY AT 6 : 00PM